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Find Your ‘Fro Home

Hi! Thanks for visiting the Find Your ‘Fro™ website as you walk your path to purpose.  Here, you can buy the Find Your ‘Fro™ audio CD; read the Find Your ‘Fro™  newsletter; or leave a comment.  I appreciate you making any of those choices and, as you do, I look forward to hearing from you as you find your ‘fro, when you’ve found your ‘fro, and as you reshape your ’fro.  I wish you peace and passion as you pursue your purpose.


P.S.  This is not a website about hairstyles.  This is about you appreciating your uniqueness, finding your purpose, and living your life with passion.  That, in a nutshell, is what finding your ‘fro is all about.  Plus, you would not want me giving hairstyling tips – just ask my barber!