I Need You! (to finish the November newsletter)

No, it’s not writer’s block – at least not this time.  When a person is really digging their ‘fro – their uniqueness  – sometimes the tendency is to keep perfecting it.  Sometimes, it’s best, as you’ll see in the newsletter to leave it alone. 

Anyway…I’m leaving it alone and I invite you to give Zelda et al the rest of the story.  Make it uniquely you.  And may the ‘fro be with you!  Peace

P.S.  Thanks for the comments and feedback. I feel my ‘fro getting ‘fro-er.

One Response to “I Need You! (to finish the November newsletter)”

  • “I did” Zelda replied quickly.
    “Uh…with guidance from Pat, but this has been my life long dream and she was patient enough to give me time to finish every detail as I thought it should be. I am so glad you like it.”

    Many months later…..after a lot of thought and consideration, Zelda left the firm and started her own design business. Putting to work all of her great talents – creativity, hard work ethic, soulful approach to all projects, love of people…and, added a new dimension to her new work place….appreciation for everyone’s contributions!! Their are no “I’s” in team and we all get farther when we work together!!
    Happy Frofull Thanksgiving from a fan who would love to have enough hair for a Fro :)

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