Hi. Each one of us has a unique selling position – that “thing” that makes us stand out from the crowd.  Yet, we have a tendency to suppress our intellectual, physical or cultural trait because we fear someone else’s rejection.   It’s what makes you you.  We try to fit in by forcing our individualness into someone else’s box.  For me, it has been my ‘fro – well, my hair in general – and finally, a few years ago, I accepted that this was God’s gift to me for this season.  Who was I to tell God no?!

I believe that when we deny our uniqueness, then we’re halting our personal and professional greatness, and ultimately, not living our true purpose.

Have you ever hid your you?  What about you did you try to suppress? Are you still denying it.  Are you ready to find your ‘fro?

I’d love to hear if you are finding, have found or are reshaping your ‘fro.  You’re invited to post a reply.  Peace.

3 Responses to “Blog”

  • Albert E. Conway:

    I have never lost my Fro and still get questioned about it. This is from all my brothers who have the bald look. We had hair until Michael Jordan started losing his and went bald now we are back to name calling ie Nappy Hair, good hair or God forbid the dreaded Fro.
    Yo go my sister as you were always ahead of the game anyway.

  • Robin:

    Hi, Al. I’m digging that you never lost your ‘fro. The challenge I hear you addressing is when we peek over into someone else’s journey to compare and contrast their life’s position with ours. Each one of our measures is different and that is what we become challenged to appreciate. Your uniqueness is your uniquessness, so unique on! Just tell them to seek and they shall find their ‘fro!

  • I don’t think I hid my ‘you’ but my ‘you’ was hiding from me and I didn’t know it. It was suffocating beneath the desires in the race I was in to be somebody society would accept instead of simply being me. I have since unveiled my ‘you’ and loving every piece of me. I am also very happy nappy and can’t begin to describe how FREE I feel with my TWA (teeny weeny fro) letting it go and letting it do what it do (smile).
    Life is definitely an evolution on so many levels and I thank God for the evolution of Him in me, which allows me to be exactly who and what I was created to be…just me!

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