About Robin

Hi there.  I’m Robin Reshard and my purpose is to connect people with people, information and ideas.  I love talking, reading and meeting folks and am immensely interested in the purpose of others.  My husband and I have three beautiful, smart adult children who are discovering their place and space on earth.  They are amazing.
Over the years, my purpose has been fulfilled in a number of ways: instructor, community educator, bookstore saleswoman, banker, executive and program director, television host and interviewer, public speaker and talker.  My mantra is Interested. Interesting. Internalizing that mantra has helped me focus on others first.  That’s not a new idea, but I find that it helps me in new ways.

As the managing partner for Robert Robino Productions, I get to use my experiences to help others.  That’s pretty cool.  Robert Robino Productions is a multi-dimensional communications company that communicates relevant issues and encourages thought-provoking dialogue that makes a difference. In other words, we talk.

When challenging my audience to communities to live a life of passion and purpose, I strive to be objectively persuasive, seriously humorous, and authentically diverse. That requires that first, I have to be honest with myself.  The company’s purpose has made me re-examine how I challenge myself, and to that end, I have to make sure that I live a life that makes a difference.  After all, it just wouldn’t be right if I didn’t walk the talk, right?

In 2009, I found my purpose in life: to connect people with people, ideas and information. I started a very purpose-filled company, Robert Robino Productions, with a goal to live my purpose on this earth.  I believe I can connect you with your purpose, live my purpose.

You have deliberately been given a purpose on this earth and it is your responsibility to find and fulfill it. I promise you that it is the greatest and scariest thing you will do. But do it you must.

I wish you peace and passion as you pursue your purpose.