Find Your ‘Fro™ will help you find that one value that makes you different, and then help you see the benefits in shaping and expanding your value – or, in Robin’s word, pick out your ‘fro.

From the CD:

Each of us has a unique physical, intellectual or cultural trait that defines our presence.  Amazingly, most of us suppress it from ourselves or hide it from others, fearing internal rebuff and external rejection.  Our denial about our individuality can cause personal oppression and professional stagnation, and lead organizations not to fully utilize their varied knowledge and skills.

Robin Reshard guides and motivates you to turn your distinctive characteristic into your most recognizable asset so that your conscience and your company can benefit.  She will help you Find Your ‘Fro™.

Find Your ‘Fro Audio CD

Find Your ‘Fro™ Audio CD – $9.95

The Fifth Key to Passion and Purpose

To be or not to be is a debate many of us have when discovering our life’s pupose, whether it’s for a time, a season, or a lifetime. We torment ourselve when we make decisions that are outside of our compfort zone, yet reject the notion that these decisions provide building blocks for our personal and professional gene pool.  If you are ready to challenge yourself to have this necessary and natural internal debate – with action – the this is for you , your company and your communtiy, no matter how big or small.  The first four keys are kindergarten-easy; the fifth key will challenge your inner core.

The Little Book of ‘Fro-isms

In The Little Book of ‘Fro-isms, Robin helps you on your journey to find your uniqueness – your ‘fro – so that you do not go undone.  Knowing  that you have distinct attributes that are meant to be shared with the world, Robin wrote this guide to help you find those attributes and your uniqueness. This little handbook with idiom-filled helpful tips and challenging messages will assist you in discovering and living happily and contently as you best you.  In The Little Book of ‘Fro-isms, Robin will help position your best you for the good of others. Read the first pick (chapter) of Robin’s new book, The Little Book of ‘Fro-isms here. The online Amazon Kindle version can be ordered here.